Every year at Quality Services, we get questions on how to keep your lawn green and healthy. For over 25 years, we have been serving North Ridgeville, Ohio and the surrounding areas with quality, sustainable landscaping services. Our team of professionals at Quality Services is dedicated to providing our customers with lawns that they can be proud of. Today, we are focusing on proper mowing techniques that will keep your lawn looking green and healthy all summer long.

Benefits of Regular Mowing

If you’ve ever cut your own yard, then you’ll understand that there’s nothing like finishing up and looking at the work you’ve done. One of the main benefits to regular mowing is for simple cosmetic reasons. It’s extremely hard to beat the look of a fresh cut yard. Another benefit that may not be as blatantly evident is that regular mowing reduces the amount of pests you have in your grass. Another large benefit of regular mowing is an equal distribution of resources. When you slice each blade of grass down to a uniform level, the amount of sun and water will be evenly dispersed throughout the yard, allowing all of your grass to grow happily and healthily. Lastly, regular mowing only gets better with time. When grass is cut, the best shoots of grass thrive and proliferate. This helps to keep your yard healthy and green.

Mowing Too Short

As we continue to discuss great techniques for keeping your lawn green and healthy, we felt like we had to include what not to do as well. One of the biggest mistakes when it comes to mowing grass is cutting the grass too short. If you want your lawn to be green and healthy, mowing too short will surely get you the opposite result. Often times, people say they cut their grass too short because they want to decrease the time between cuts. However, your grass isn’t like cutting your hair as it will dull and fade. Typically, your grass will remain healthy and green when the grass is about 3 to 3 ½ inches high. When homeowners opt for the 1 to 2 inch height, they put stress on each blade of grass, creating less surface area for photosynthesis to occur. This eventually leads to dull, damaged grass with many weed invasions.

Mulching and Replenishing

While mowing too short isn’t a positive way to cut corners, we have a much more successful way to reduce the amount of time you mow while also keeping your lawn green and healthy! Stop bagging your grass clippings! Every time you mow your lawn, leave the grass clippings around. Old grass clippings decompose rather quickly and greatly help improve your soil. All of its rich nutrients go right back into your lawn, leaving it green and healthy until the next time you cut! The only time this is not useful is when there is an abundance of weeds or leaves.

Mowing Tips:

-Do not mow lawn when temperatures are going to be above 85.
-Keep mower blade sharp. Blade should be sharpened every 4th or 5th mowing
-Mow in the evening, this helps the grass recover without the additional stress of the heat from the sun.

These are super important to keeping a lawn green during the heat of the summer.

Wanting to learn more proper mowing techniques that will keep your lawn green and healthy? Contact our team of professionals at Quality Services today at 440-327-1936.