You may not be thinking much about how your lawn will look next year, but if you want to have a green yard, it’s time to start preparing now. At Quality Services, we want to make you aware of a few fall lawn care tips that are key to next year’s green lawn.

Tips to Ensure Your Lawn Looks Great Next Year

Get Rid of the Leaves

Everyone knows that leaves fall from trees during the fall months. If you find yourself being lazy and leaving the leaves all over your yard, your grass will not be too happy with you. These leaves prevent your grass from getting the necessary sunlight that it needs to turn green next year. So, throughout the fall, pick up the rake or blower and remove the leaves from your grass as often as possible.

Don’t Put Up the Mower

Yes, even during the fall, you should consider cutting your grass. Obviously, you don’t want to cut it too short, but your grass will keep growing through the first hard frost that your area experiences. Regular mowing helps get rid of all those leaves as well. In fact, the mower can help chop those leaves up into rich, soil strengthening mulch.


The fall is the perfect time to aerate your yard. An aerator punches small holes into your yard’s soil and creates an area where fertilizer and seed can be placed where it can get to the roots of your yard and thrive. Aeration is the initial lawn care step to ensure that next year’s lawn will be the envy of your neighbors.

Adding Fertilizer

Now that you’ve aerated your yard, it’s time to spread the fertilizer. This application of fertilizer in the fall helps give your yard the extra boost in nutrients and energy to survive the winter and thrive during the spring. At Quality Services, we recommend adding fertilizer to your yard in the late fall during aeration and seeding.

Add Seed

To accomplish a plush, green yard next year, it’s important to apply seed throughout your property. This helps get rid of any thin spots or bare patches that you may have around your lawn. Overseeding during the fall is ideal because the ground is still warm enough, the sun isn’t as hot and the temperatures at night are relatively cool. Adding seed to your yard isn’t as easy as it may sound. The best decision is to leave this process up to the landscaping professionals that know how much and when to add seed to your yard.

At Quality Services, we live and breathe lawn care. If you’re looking to accomplish a green lawn next year, simply cutting your yard every so often isn’t going to accomplish your goals. To ensure that your lawn next year will be green and healthy, partner with our team at Quality Services. We’ll focus on these key fall lawn care tips now so that you can get a jumpstart on a beautiful lawn for next year. To learn more about our professional and experienced lawn care team, give us a call today at (440) 327-1936 or email [email protected].