Every year in Ohio, the days get longer, the temperatures get warmer and even the sun seems to shine just a little bit brighter. Summertime is a fantastic season for Ohio residents. However, it can be hard for both home and business owners to know what to do with their lawns.

At Quality Services, we often get asked how frequently both residential and commercial land owners should be watering their lawn in the summertime.

Fortunately, our experts here at Quality Services have tons of summer watering tips that will keep your lawn looking green and healthy all summer long.

How Much Water Comes from Precipitation?

One of the largest variables we look at when it comes to watering lawns safely and effectively is how much water is already coming into play due to Mother Nature. Are we in a dry spell? Have we gotten a lot of rain recently? These are questions that we need to take into consideration as they make a huge difference in both over and under-watering your lawn. For instance, if the weather report shows that we are receiving one inch of rainfall, it means that your 60 x 180 square foot yard will likely receive almost 30 tons of water! That is enough to cover you for an entire week. Understanding how much rainfall you receive weekly will help you to determine how much or how little your lawn will need to be watered by an irrigation system.

How Much Water Do We Need?

Studies show that on average, lawns only need approximately 1” of water each week to be successful and green. This includes rainfall and all methods of irrigation. However, here is where it can get tricky per lawn. According to the EPA, 50% of water that is used outdoors for lawn maintenance is completely wasted by an insufficient method or strategy. So, while we are thinking about how much we need, we need to also focus on how we are delivering it appropriately so that your lawn benefits the most.

Summer Watering Tips

So what’s going to effectively get your yard looking beautiful all summer long? Here are some basic ways to help maximize your summer watering lawn care:

  • Timing – Water only when your lawn needs it and be sure to pay attention to rainfall and weather changes.
  • Don’t Water the Sidewalks, Water Your Lawn – How many times do you see businesses and homeowners wasting half their water on the concrete?
  • Schedule – When you do water your lawn, try doing it early in the morning or late in the evening to prevent evaporation from the sun.
  • Check Your Grass – How does it feel as you are walking on it? Is it springing back up? If so, no need to water it – it is well hydrated! Too much water results in lots of shallow roots, which can lead to weed growth and fungus.
  • Consult an Expert – At Quality Services, we know exactly how to make the most of your irrigation system, saving you water and keeping your lawn looking beautiful all summer long.


For more information about watering your lawn this summer, give Quality Services a call today at 440-327-1936.