Lawn Health

Lawn Programs

Quality Lawn Health Services offers you the very best in environmentally sustainable lawn care and fertilization services.

Lawn Renovation

Quality Lawn Health Services will evaluate your lawn by one of our specialists to determine the proper grass species you need.​

Turf Selection Services

The home landscape is an ever changing environment. As your landscape ages and matures, so does the environment your lawn grows in.

Bio Boost

Our Bio Boost application begins with a patent pending compost tea base that sets it apart from the competition.


To avoid any unnecessary damage, have Quality Lawn Health Services aerate your lawn.

Slit Seeding

Slit seeding is a process of cutting shallow vertical slits in the soil and depositing seed into the cuts to cover weak, thin or bare spots.

Foundation Insect Control

Quality Lawn Health Services can spray your foundation, first floor doors and windows to prevent them from getting in your house!​

Trees & Shrubs

Tree and Shrub Care

Your landscape plantings are a HUGE investment. Insects and disease can destroy your beautiful plants almost overnight.