Keeping your lawn beautiful and healthy all year round starts with having a great grub control practice in place. Grub control products can help keep harmful grubs away from feeding on your turf and hindering the growth of your healthy, green grass. Not all grub control products are created equal, and different types of grub control need to be applied at various times of the year in accordance with the seasons. Here’s what you need to know about choosing and applying the right products at the right time.

Determine Ahead of Time Whether or Not You Need Grub Control

To some degree, all lawns are home to some grubs. Having some grubs is of little to no concern, and will not affect the quality of grass your soil produces; having an excessive amount is what leads to issues. When checking to see if you may have too many grubs living in your soil, look for specific patches on your lawn where the turf is thin or growth is stunted. One sign you might have too many grubs is the presence of birds feeding around that specific area. Once you have spotted potential problem areas, take the time to ensure that the issue is indeed grub related. Shovel up a small patch of soil and see if you can spot several C-shaped white grubs to confirm your suspicions.

Preventative Grub Control Products Are Most Effective in April through July

As we discussed in one of our more recent blog posts, building the foundations of a healthy lawn requires a multi-phased, integrative approach to achieve the very best results. For specific grub control efforts, you want to take your time, utilizing grub control in doses with multiple applications from April to July. Different types of control work better at varying times. Researchers have found that to take a preventative approach during April to May, Scotts Grub-Ex can work quite well. Then, from June 1 to July 15, Bayer Advanced Season-Long Grub Control & Turf Revitalizer, Bayer Advanced Complete Insect Killer Liquid, and Bayer Advanced Complete Insect Killer Granules are oftentimes the ideal solutions. If you are seeking curative products, know that these are not as effective, but Sevin Lawn Insect Granules and Bayer Advanced 24hr Grub Killer Plus can help with applications in both the fall and spring.

Make Sure You Are Applying Your Grub Control Products Effectively

Using the right amount of grub control is the best way to ensure optimal results. When it comes to grub control, exceeding the label suggestions does not mean that more is better. After applying the right amount of grub control, remember to take the time to water your lawn immediately after its application. Water your lawn with at least a half-inch of irrigation to ensure the chemicals work most effectively. Also, keep your children, pets, and local wildlife safe from any harm. It’s necessary to note that mowing your lawn right before grub application is ideal for removing weed flowers and protecting your local bee population.

Ensure the Optimal Health of Your Lawn All Season Long with Professional Help

Maintaining the health of your lawn all year long takes a significant amount of time and effort, but the investment is well worth the reward. At Quality Lawn Health Services, we’re here to help make your lawn maintenance processes as easy and effortless as possible. We offer full-service lawn programs, in addition to many of great top lawn care services including grub control. To learn more about how we can help care for your individual lawn, reach out to us today by calling (440) 327-1936 or emailing us at [email protected].