Hunter PRO-HC WiFi Hydrawise™ Controller.

Allow your irrigation system to be managed from anywhere in the world! Use your mobile device or computer to access the easy to use interface. The Hydrawise™ controller uses Predictive Watering™ to adjust your sprinklers watering schedule based on local weather forecasts and the system can automatically manage water based on temperature, predictive rainfall and actual rainfall. It also allows you to view your water usage for every watering cycle. The controller allows us to monitor for leaks (flow alerts) and it will detect when a valve is not working properly. Easy to set up App/SMS Text notifications for instant alerts/notifications.

Up to 50% Water Savings & Peace of Mind

Hydrawise™ Dashboard

Featuring a smartphone dashboard, the Hydrawise™ app allows you to update your irrigation system’s settings, check watering history, manually run zones, and much more!

With the cloud based software, the app can automatically adjust your watering times and frequency based on your local weather stations. This climate-based system gathers local weather information to make adjustments to your watering schedule so your landscape always receives the right amount of water.

No more wasted water and high water bills.

HC Flow Meter

The Hunter Flow Sensor will help you save hundreds of gallons of wasted water  in the event of a broken line or sprinkler head. An alert will be sent to you that servicing is required. The flow measurement feature monitors for the correct amount of water your system should be using and allows you to view water usage for each watering cycle to see exactly how much water you are saving!

The HC flow meter connects to Hydrawise-enabled controllers, allowing for:

  • Flow monitoring
  • Instant high- and low-flow alerts
  • Leak detection
  • Water outage during irrigation alerts
  • Total water use reporting
  • Zone water use reporting

Rain Sensors and Valves

Wireless Rain-Clik® Sensor

With Quick Response technology, the Wireless Rain-Clik commands the controller to shut off your sprinklers when it starts to rain. The Rain-Clik can be easily mounted on to an eave, wall or fence. A gutter mount is also available.

ICV Master Valve

The ICV Master Valve was built to work with the most demanding irrigation systems. The valve has a fabric reinforced EPDM diaphragm and seat along with flow control. It consistently operates at up to 220 PSI, and will work through difficult circumstances like high velocities, fluctuating flow rates, and challenging water conditions.

Choose the OPTION that is BEST for your Home.

OPTION 1: Smart Watering Base Package

Includes: Wifi Controller, Wireless Rain-Clik Sensor

  • Remote irrigation scheduling
  • Automatic Smart Watering Adjustments
  • 24/7 electrical anomaly detection
  • On-site rain sensor

OPTION 2: Flow Management Package

Includes: Wifi Controller, Wireless Rain-Clik Sensor, Flow Meter

  • All features of Option 1
  • 24/7 flow management
  • Water usage reports
  • Instant alerts if abnormal flow detected

OPTION 3: Valve Control Package

Includes: Wifi Controller, Wireless Rain-Clik Sensor, Flow Meter, ICV Master Valve

  • All Features of Option 2
  • Remote System Shutdown if landscape damage detected

For more information, contact us, or call our office at 440-327-1936 and speak to a Quality Sprinkling Systems representative.