Sprinkler System Service Agreements

//Sprinkler System Service Agreements
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Quality Sprinkling Systems offers prepaid service agreements for your sprinkler system.

By prepaying for your sprinkler service you receive a discounted labor rate of $60.00/HR through out the season (normal rate is $65.00) and preferential scheduling for your appointments.

Sprinkler System Start Up Includes:

  • Turn on water
  • Visual inspection of plumbing and backflow device
  • Clean and adjust heads
  • Perform assessment of system
  • Program controller

Parts sold separately. Additional charge for labor over 1 hour

Sprinkler System Shut Down:

Compressed air is blown through the system to remove water from pipes and backflow. This prevents freeze damage and costly repairs to fragile components of the system.

Backflow Inspection:

A backflow device prevents ground water from  entering back into the household plumbing. A properly functioning backflow ensures contaminants from the ground water do not enter your drinking water. Backflow inspections are required by law in the state of Ohio.

You may choose from two prepayment packages: The Standard Service Agreement or The Standard Plus Agreement. Seasonal Offering.

Note that all appointments are scheduled by our office.

Spring Start Up:

Turn water on, visually inspect plumbing and backflow device.
Clean, Assessment and Programming
Parts sold separately
*Additional labor required over 1 hour is an additional charge


Fall Shut Down:

Blow out system using a pull behind air compressor.


Backflow Inspection:

Required by state law in the state of Ohio.

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